Jeff Hartshorne and Ozone Green gave my client tremendous service. I had a listing in North Dallas that had 15 years of cigar smoke odor. I consistently received comments about the cigar smoke when showing the house, especially in the game/media room. After Ozone Green treated the entire home, all odors were completely eliminated. It was amazing! Even the felt of the pool table and drapes in the game/media room had no odor. Harker 5 Star Team highly recommends Ozone Green and Jeff Hartshorne for any home. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Dan Harker

Jeff Hartshorne and Ozone Green gave us great professional service. We recently put our home on the market. Several homes in the neighborhood had been on the market for several months. We had a couple of rooms with an odor for which we could not pinpoint the source. In addition, we had a lingering odor from a dead rodent behind the refrigerator in the garage. Ozone Green treated our home and garage. The treatment removed ALL odors and sanitized our ventilation system. Within a week of the treatment, we received an offer on our home we couldn’t refuse and closed within 3 weeks.

I highly recommend Ozone Green.

Clay Deardorff
McKinney, TX

Jeff Hartshorne offers fabulous service with Ozone Green!!! I recently had a home with smoke, pet and cooking odors and called Jeff to eliminate the smells. It works great. After completion of the job there was absolutely no smell in the house. I listed the home the next day and had it under contract in 8 days. I'm positive Ozone Green made the home more attractive to potential Buyers and helped get it sold quickly. I will always call Jeff for my "smelly" listings. If my Buyers are considering a "smelly" home I will negotiate that the Sellers must have the home serviced by Ozone Green.

Marsha Ann Powell

Ozone Green cleared out all evidence of cigarette smoke from our rental home. Two years of heavy smoking was completely undetectable! I'm terribly allergic to cigarette smoke and even I couldn't smell or sense any residual aroma. It really works--and recommends it to anyone!

Tracey D'Annunzio

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