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-Ozone Gas (O3) is Nature’s most powerful and natural cleaning agent. The treatment process is safe and non-evasive to home furnishings including paintings, photographs, furniture, plastic or vinyl objects, and electronic equipment.

-Ionizers, deodorizers, and ozone machines that allow you to remain in the home do not completely eliminate the source of the odor, bacteria and germs.

-Ozone Green eliminates smoke odors, pet odors, bacteria, viruses, dust mites, bedbugs, ants, cockroaches, and other pests that might be deeply imbedded in carpets, draperies, bedding, and cabinets.

-A single treatment will eliminate 99.99% of all MRSA, Strep, Staph, E-coli, Salmonella, Listeria and Legionella.

-Our treatments attack airborne particles that are floating in airstreams created by heating and cooling systems. These airborne particles are covered with bacteria and can trigger allergic reactions.

Ozone Treatments start at just $.10 / sq ft with a $150 minimum.
Treatment times: Home or Business from 6 – 24 + hrs.

Ozone Treatments for Automobiles, RV’s, boats etc start at $50.

Treatment times: Automobiles, RV’s from 1-2 hrs.

Results Guaranteed!
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REALTORS Distinguish yourself from others…
-Sellers - Recommend ozone treatment for those hard to sell listings
-Buyers - Eliminate buyer objections to homes with distinct odors with a treatment recommendation
-Buyers - Start fresh with an air-makeover for your new home.
-Ozone Green Certificates available

-Ask about our Realtor Program

Homeowners deodorize your home…
Eliminate odors - Chemical free - Eliminate allergens

Medical professionals sanitize your office…
Eradicate germs and viruses

Daycares & Schools provide peace of mind for parents…
Sanitize the air to eliminate germs, viruses, allergens and Staph

Apartment managers & Landlords lease your next property with new air…
Lease an odor free property to your next tenant

Painters & Contractors Many paints and stains contain harmful volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) which continue to emit fumes for days, weeks or even months after applying Ozone Green eliminates lingering fumes.

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